Lewis Wolstanholme is an enthusiastic composer and pianist, currently studying at Goldsmiths, University of London. Since 2012 he has been working professionally as a freelance pianist and has also branched out into teaching piano and music theory. He first took an interest in learning about music from the age of 5, and has since gone on to study piano with the likes of Brant Nuttall, Peter Wills and more recently Andrew Zolinsky. As a composer he has worked alongside many musicians crafting new works, has seen them performed across Europe, and is always aiming to build upon his style and achieve new creative heights. 

"My earliest memories of music date back to when I was very, very young. It was at the age of 5 I began recieving music tuition and over the years have been mentored by many talented individuals while studying piano, music theory, and singing. I have so far achieved grade 8 in both music theory and piano, as well as grade 5 singing. I still work on developing my skils as a musician and in my own time have taught myself to play many other instruments, while also building on my knowledge of theory and orchestration.

It was the combination of piano and music theory lessons that originally peaked my intersted in composing music, but songwriting was the first real blossom of that interest. From the age of 12 I began playing both guitar and bass, and by the age of 13 I was performing as a solo singer/songwriter called 'The Next Forever'. Beforehand, I'd done the odd solo keyboard performance and been in a few bands, but this endeavor quickly became a regular activity and important part of my life. Between the years of 2008-2011 I recorded numerous CDs, gigged across the country including festivals with crowds of 1000 people, collaborated with a variety of other musicians and have been interviewed on radio. One of the highlights of performing as The Next Forever, was when I had organised my own EP release party in the summer of 2010, and almost sold out of the limited edition CDs on the night. As my style matured, I felt I’d become detached from my stage name, and have since dropped t. In my more recent efforts I have began incorporating more musicians into my performances and recordings. As a band we go by the name the Suedes, and we operate as a collective of musicians who work together on projects and tracks. The Suedes was born alongside the record label 'mnml. records' founded by Finn Fottrell-Gould and myself. The label is currently not looking to expand, but will be releasing material in the future.

When I first started writing songs, I envisioned it as part of a package deal, with the only way of getting the correct impact of my songs was to produce the recordings myself. This eventually lead to me experimenting with various styles of electronic music, beats, and forms of minimalism. My inconsistent style has allowed me to casually release tracks, having yet to make a serious release. By exploring music technology throughout all aspects of my music I am able to continuously learn new things and push my limits.

In more recent years, my efforts have come together and seen me develop a whole new style of creating music. I began composing with a strong emphasis on art music while I was in sixth form, and was encouraged by my teachers and the numerous opportunities I had there. This quickly became the focus of my creative outputs and I am excited about working on new pieces."